Vacant Kent Championship – Semi-Pro Boxer Bil Sha Bags yet another Title under his Name
25 Nov 2022

The fight for the Vacant Kent title was one of the season’s most anticipated events. Semi-Pro Boxer Bilat Shaista – better known as Bil Sha, who already holds the title for the UKBU Featherweight title, was to go up against another renowned name in the boxing world Luke Rampton.

With the event being pretty hyped up, people were speculating who would win the Vacant Kent title and bag the trophy home.

While many believed Luke had the upper hand over Bil, considering he was a bit heavier in stance and the fight was within his hometown, Bil Sha proved everyone wrong.


The Story Of Bil Sha – The Semi-Pro Boxing Prodigy

Bil had loved boxing for as long as he could remember. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, he had to leave the sport and became a Food and Beverage Manager a few years later.

However, his love for boxing was deep-rooted, and it was in 2017 when he decided to make a comeback. Since then, his career in boxing has only flourished, and Bil is taking one step towards success at a time.


The Preparation For The Vacant Kent Title

While holding the Featherweight title to his name already, Bil was determined to bag the Vacant Kent title, too, regardless of whether the odds were in his favor.

The boxing champion had been preparing for the fight for months, putting in his sweat and blood. His boxing club had started a good training camp, and he, along with his Coach Ibi from Onyx Gym in North Finchley, focused on strength and conditioning the most.

His hard work and immense training proved that if you put your heart into something, no force can take the positive results away from you.


The Turn Around Of Events

The boxing tournament took place in the ever-famous mote Park in Maidstone, Kent, and was a 4×2 minute round. This meant four rounds, each taking place in two minutes.

The first and opening round was well-fought and pretty technical regarding both the boxers. In the training camp, Sha’s highly trained and proficient coaches had advised him to stay calm and not deliver all his energy in the beginning.

He held onto the advice and maintained a calm composure, which gave him an upper hand and led him to win the round.

The second round of the fight held a bit more pace as Sha picked up his momentum and tempo, which made Luke come forward in response. This reaction from the opponent was expected, and Sha was trained in this strategy well. Hence, he held his ground somewhat in the second round as well.

With the third round coming in, both the opponents were head on the head to each other. She predicted this round to be a knockout. However, the knockout came before he expected it.

In his third and final round of the fight, Sha delivered a smashing killer shot similar to the one he had delivered to Karl Wolfdale in his last fight. However, this killing headshot held even more power and remorse than the previous one and led his opponent Luke to smash face first into the ring and couldn’t continue the fight.

This led to Sha being deemed the winner and the deserving owner of the Vacant Kent Title.




The Maidstone, Kent fighting area crowd was pretty hyped up, and their usual roars and hooting were proof of how well the fight went. Sha is proclaimed the reigning title holder of the Vacant Kent and Featherweight, so his love for boxing is still thriving.

The boxing champion is looking for matches that can put him under pressure and release an adrenaline rush like never before. So, this means we will see Sha in many more fights and him proclaiming many more titles to his name.