Unleashed in London


Sunday 30th of July 2023



London, Are You Ready?

Undisputed is here to revolutionise the city’s white collar boxing events with a modern approach. Forget mismatched fights and confusing schedules. We put the boxers first every time.

But who is Undisputed? And what can you expect from the Unleashed in London event? Allow us to introduce ourselves. Keep reading to get the low-down on everything you need to know about the project.


Who Is Undisputed?

Undisputed is a new London-based boxing promotion created by Bilat Shaista, an experienced former boxer, entrepreneur, and owner of the Bil Sha Boxing Club.

The aim of Undisputed is to take a different approach to boxing promotions. With a focus on safety, trust, and integrity, Undisputed strives to transform the current white collar boxing landscape and give boxers the chance to show off their talent with confidence.

Undisputed also plans to start junior boxing events, allowing the next generation of boxers to access professional promotion opportunities to help them thrive.

From professional boxing events to excellent training, Undisputed is here to support boxers on their journey to success.


A Little About Bil Sha

Undisputed might be new in town, but Bil Sha isn’t.

Bil has been active in the Semi-Professional boxing scene since becoming an amateur in 2007. His experience in the game includes an undefeated track record, London Featherweight Champion 2019, and the Kent Featherweight 2022 title.

The Bil Sha Boxing Club owner is also qualified as a level 3 PT and professional boxing trainer and has dedicated time to coaching others since 2018. Giving back to London’s boxing community is crucial to Bil’s ethos, and it gives him the experience to tailor Undisputed directly to boxers’ needs.

When it comes to passion and drive, Bil’s dedication to boxing is unparalleled.


What Is Unleashed In London?

Unleashed in London is Undisputed’s upcoming event on the 21st October, 2023.

Location: The Tabernacle 34-35 Powis Sq, London, W11 2AY

We’re ready to showcase our expertise and meticulous attention to detail to the community while allowing local boxers to take to the ring and show off their skills.

Unleashed in London is founded on honesty and decades of experience. We won’t be making unequal matches, and our team is devoted to the well-being of all involved. We’re also centring on safety and professional practice to ensure all participants can enjoy the exhilaration of white collar boxing without any worries. All bouts will have 16oz gloves and optional head protection.


Sparring Trials: Our Next Event…

However, if you can’t wait until October, don’t worry.

Our next event is the Sparring Trials on Sunday 30th July, 2023. From 3 pm to 6 pm you’re invited to the Bil Sha Boxing Club to enjoy some premium sparring from our talented boxers. Or you can sign up via the registration form to get involved.

Please bring sparring equipment if you intend to take part.


Why Do We Do A Sparring Trial?

Creating well-paired matches is crucial for us.

Therefore, we’re hosting sparring trials to check our fighters’ boxing level and ensure we match opponents equally. Unsuited boxing isn’t our game, so we’re taking professional precautions to guarantee opponents are on the same level.


Join Us In Boxing Excellence

Don’t miss our debut sparring event on the 30th of July, and make sure you grab tickets to Unleashed in London on the 21st of October.

We’re anticipating an electrifying start to our promotions journey, and we want to celebrate London’s boxing talent with you. Book your sport ASAP to ensure you don’t lose out!

Tickets are on sale now, and our fighter selection is ongoing. Get in touch with Undisputed or Bil Sha to find out more.

Please fill in fighter registration form on the Undisputed Promotions website or send any questions to: fight@undisputedsports.promo

This is only the beginning. We’ll see you there.

BSBC, Unit 1, 9E York Way, London N7 9GY

Unit 1,
9E York Way,
N7 9GY