Influenced by the great boxer Mike Tyson, a passionate competent Bilat Shaista AKA (Bil Sha) took up boxing looking up to the stars of championship since adolescence. He had six amateur fights between the age of 17 and 19 but due to family commitments, he couldn’t participate further as an amateur boxer. He started pursuing his passion again in early 2007 and has been boxing since.

After he commenced his training in 2007, he took part in a local white collar boxing event, but unfortunately lost the bout to his opponent Tyrone Williams.

Although he lost this fight, it didn’t deter him. Bil wasn’t going to give up. His obsession for boxing led him to challenge his own skills continuously. In order to further push and improve himself, he continued with white collar events and successfully won all his bouts. He would have between two to three fights a year, and for the time being, that was enough for him to be able to focus on his fitness and take part in what he loved doing most. However he didn’t intend to go down the route of an amateur boxer, he had bigger goals in mind.

In 2016, Bil was approached by the UKBU (United Kingdom Boxing Union) in one of his events after a classy win over Scott Valentine.

UKBU signed Bil as a semi professional fighter for a five fight deal, and he was now able to take boxing to the next level as he could compete professionally and work up the British boxing ranks in the semi pro leagues.

Bil had a great fan base that were highly impressed with his training regime and never give up fighter mentality. His first fight was hosted in the 02 Indigo in Greenwich, and Bil won in style by TKO against Simon Jackson in the second round. He went on to win his next five fights in the featherweight division and was in line for the London Featherweight title.

In September 2019, Bil had a fight with Reece Houghton who was also an experienced and undefeated boxer. Bil TKO Reece in the second round with a painful body shot to the ribs, and was crowned the London Featherweight Champion. He currently holds this title and was scheduled to fight Leon Williams for the vacant English Featherweight title in April 2020; however that fight never materialised due to the pandemic.

As there were no fights available, Bil decided to leave UKBU. He was now able to keep his title and record and was in search for his next challenge which lead him to be signed up with GBBU (Great Britain Boxing Union).

GBBU is a league with divisional fighters battling it out with each other. Bil had his first fight on October 30th 2021 at the prestigious York Hall, which is the home of boxing.

Bil came out wining this bout within the first minute and a half of the first round, with an overhand right shot to his opponent Kyle Woofdale’s face, that left him with significant injury. Kyle was in no position to continue and a decision was made by his trainer to throw in the towel.

For this fight Bil was more prepared than ever before. He followed a strict training regime with his Coach Denizcan Gokkaya and his strength and conditioning trainer Coach Ibi.  It was said that Denizcan taught Bil the boxing blend of a Columbian fighter and Coach Ibi increased his power by 20% during his camp for the first GBBU league fight.

Bil has been trained flawlessly by Denizcan with his boxing skills, with the approach of ‘every punch must count’ and ‘do not do empty punches’. Denizcan brings out the best passion in Bil, and by this effort, he still remains undefeated.

Bil Sha has overcome every obstacle in his path to witness himself becoming an epitome of a champion he has always dreamed of. He proved with his tireless struggle and exceptional performance that this wholesome gain is indeed what he deserved. His efforts paid him in the most rewarding ways. His fights did not end up in vain. Victory, Success and Fame are all mastered by him.

Bil Sha continues to live up to his entitlement ‘The Featherweight!’.

The GBBU describes Bil as a skilful and composed boxer and believes that he may be given a title shot in 2022.

Bil doesn’t focus on his boxing career alone, he is also an Entrepreneur and owns various businesses. He is a Business Management Consultant and provides advice and guidance to businesses that are new start ups and in the expansion and growth stage.

He is passionate about his businesses in the same way that he is passionate about boxing, and he loves bringing results in whatever he does. He believes that everyone has a choice to either go forward or give up in life, and what makes him successful is his attitude towards believing in himself and never giving up.