Sedat Sag – Coach

Sedat has been training Bil Since 2018 , Bil signed up with Sedat since getting to the Bigger leagues and Sedat has developed Bil since then.

Sedat trains beginner level fighter to Pro fighters and has wealth of boxing knowledge.

During his career, he had over 100 fights and has won gold medals at national and international level. he also has trained with Herol ‘Bomber’ Graham and now work together, training up and coming fighters and Bil has been one of them.

Sedat is the owner of North London Boxing Club and this is where Bil now trains for all his fights.

Denizcan Gokkaya – Technical Coach

Denizcan is currently training Bil to Advance his technical abilities in the ring, Bil is usually a forward coming fighter with aggression , Denizcan has now joined the team to develop a more technical approach with his fighting style and this will be a good mix for him.

Denizcan has years of experience and fought and won medals in many international tournaments and was coached by Russian , Ukrainian and Cuban boxing coaches and so he now applies the boxing techniques from those countries.

He was a European boxing champion and National Champion for Turkey.

Coach Ibi – Strength and Conditioning

Soon after Bil signed with GBBU league he knew there will be even more tougher opponents to face now with an unbeaten record Bil never got complacent and has now taken the help of Coach Ibi to develop more power making him a Super fighter in his own division.

Coach Ibi is the co- owner of Onyx Gym in Finchley, gained a degree in sports science specialising in Strength, power and endurance, also an amateur boxer himself he understands each boxers needs for each fight , working with Bil on developing power and explosiveness for fights. Ibi works with a multitude of top-level athletes ranging from premier league football and combat athletes.

Ibi trained Bil for his fight against Karl Woofdale where he won within the first round with a heavy right hand to his opponent’s temple this was mainly due to the power that was developed in the Camp for that fight in October 2021. They now work together regularly preparing for challenging fights.